Amy Marie Stadelmann

Amy Marie Stadelmann


AMY MARIE STADELMANN learned visual storytelling as an Illustration major at Pratt Institute. Since graduating in 2006, she has worked as a digital designer for Nick Jr. preschool programs like The Wonder Pets! and Team Umizoomi. Amy is excited to launch her debut series with Scholastic Branches OLIVE & BEATRIX: THE NOT-SO-ITTY-BITTY SPIDERS (2015) and OLIVE & BEATRIX: THE SUPER-SMELLY MOLDY BLOB (2016). The series features twin sisters who could not be more different: one is a witch and one is perfectly ordinary; with a little bit of magic and a lot of smarts, the sisters must work together when spells go awry. Amy lives in Brooklyn where she enjoys mugs of hot coco and snuggling with her silly dog, Cosmo.

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