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Ellen Stubbings


ELLEN STUBBINGS studied illustration at the University of Lincoln in England. Often fueled by cake and iced tea, she creates whimsical illustrations with lots of personality and vibrant color. Ellen works digitally using Photoshop, or traditionally with watercolor paints, ink and colored pencils. She also creates linoleum block prints—and draws comics, too. Ellen resides in York, England.

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Ellen’s booklist includes:

Itty Bitty Princess Kitty Series
#1: The Newest Princess
#2: The Royal Ball
#3: The Puppy Prince
#4: Star Showers
#5: The Cloud Race
#6: The Un-Fairy
#7: Welcome to Wagmire
#8: The Copycat
#9: Tea for Two
#10: Flower Power
and many more!
by Melody Mews, illustrated by Ellen Stubbings (Little Simon, 2020 and beyond)

BABY BEATS Let’s Learn 4/4 Time!
BABY BEATS Let’s Learn 2/4 Time!
BABY BEATS Let’s Learn 3/4 Time!
by Odd Dot, illustrated by Ellen Stubbings (Odd Dot, 2020)

TinkerActive Workbooks: Kindergarten Math
by Nathalie Le Du, illustrated by Ellen Stubbings (Odd Dot, 2019)

Little Cow, Little Cow, Noisy As Can Be!
Little Lion, Little Lion, Noisy As Can Be!
Little Puppy, Little Puppy, Noisy As Can Be!
Little Seal, Little Seal, Noisy As Can Be!
Little Bee, Little Bee, Noisy As Can Be!
Little Squirrel, Little Squirrel, Noisy As Can Be!
by Charles Ghigna, illustrated by Ellen Stubbings (Cantata Learning, 2017)

Three Blind Mice
by Blake Hoena, by Ellen Stubbings (Cantata Learning, 2016)

She’ll Be Coming Down the Mountain
by Blake Hoena, by Ellen Stubbings (Cantata Learning, 2016)

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